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Locksmiths Newcastle – Why Us?

24 Hr Service, Call Us Night or Day

Pretty simple, give us a call night or day whenever you need our locksmiths Newcastle, and we’ll rush over to help you get back into the warm, safe and sound.

The Quickest Locksmiths Newcastle

We guarantee there aren’t quicker locksmiths Newcastle. Call us as soon as you have any problems and we’ll rush over as soon as we can and we won’t leave until we get your problem sorted.

Over 10 Years of Experience

With over 10 years of experience you’ll be hard pressed to find a job we can’t do. We also pride ourselves by making sure that all our jobs are completed to a standard that our grandfathers would be proud of. We’ve made sure that our locksmiths Newcastle team have been trained to the same high standard

Best Work for the Best Prices

Our aim is to make sure that all you get a fair price for all work completed, in your time of need, we also make sure that we use the best parts so that you don’t run into any problems in the future all products backed by our own personal warranty. Our locksmiths Newcastle team have also been trained to the highest standard, meaning they are pros at what they do, just sit back and let them take care of your locks.

Best Trained Locksmiths Newcastle

all of our locksmiths Newcastle have been trained to the highest standards and we have made sure to keep them all up to date with advancements in technologies. no matter what we sure that our locksmiths newcastle will be able help you out

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Without you our customers we are nothing, so we make sure that you are completely happy with all of our work and services before we leave, because there is nothing that we want more than to put a smile back on your face.

Always Happy to Help

NC local locksmiths and our locksmiths Newcastle are committed to providing the best locksmiths service that Newcastle has ever seen, ensured by our long history in Newcastle we have helped thousands of our customers, get back in to their homes and cars, we have also made helped to replace doors, windows and secured hundreds of home, all to make Newcastle a safer place.

Customer Reviews

Called the guys and they were here in 15 minutes, got us and kids back in house in no time and were so polite, would recommend to anyone!

  • Susan Campbell

Got locked out at the supermarket, called NC Local Locksmiths and they came over and helped me get back on the road straight away

  • Robert Murray

Great guy who knows his stuff, got us back in the house after being locked out at 2:30 in the morning, helped us out a lot

  • Jack Fletcher

Locksmiths Newcastle 24/7 – Call 01914326745


Here at NC Local Locksmith our locksmiths Newcastle Upon Tyne offer all home and auto locksmith services throughout Newcastle upon Tyne, we offer both emergency and planned visits as well as not charging any call out fees. Our main objective all of our jobs is customer satisfaction, we aim to be at your location as soon as possible and usually within an hour of your call. As well as this we keep most stock items to hand meaning no waiting for parts and most jobs are completed during the first visit. Feel free to call us whenever you have a problem and you’ll be connected to one of our locksmiths Newcastle who help you right away.

Special offers

We offer discounts to students and OAP’s as well as commercial discounts for landlords, so when you call one of our numbers above feel free to mention if you need a discount and make sure to inform any of our locksmiths Newcastle. Our OAP clients can ask for a security test can be preformed at your residence, exposing any vulnerability. Our locksmiths Newcastle Upon Tyne will look for breaches such as safety, fire and safety as well as checking that all locks and doors are covered by your insurance policy. This will help to bring peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure.

Picking a Locksmiths Newcastle

Picking a locksmiths Newcastle in something that is normally done only in emergencies, so the most important factor is making sure that they offer emergency locksmith services in Newcastle Upon Tyne; this means that you are able to call us night or day whatever day of the week and well comedown and help get you back home.


Making sure that your locksmiths Newcastle is certified and registered is crucial when allowing someone to gain access to your home where you hold all of your treasured possessions. Here at NC Local Locksmith we make sure to be as transparent as possible to insure that you can trust us completely.

Therefore we aim to the most trustworthy locksmiths Newcastle, so if you are locked out of your home or car, make sure that you call us as soon as you can so we can hurry over and help you as much as we can and if you’re lucky we’ll even bring a cuppa! We as a company specialize in home security and auto locks, and with over ten years of experience you can bet that we know exactly what we’re doing and well find the most cost effective solution to your problems.

CRB certified

All of our locksmiths Newcastle are certified and CRB checked meaning that there all up to date and completely knowledgeable, these are some of the most important factors when it comes to picking a locksmiths Newcastle, and these are the reasons why we invest so much in the training of our locksmith, all of who have a tracked record of being some of the best in Newcastle.

It is also important that you are able to trust the locksmith that you choose, which is why we advertise all of our qualifications and certificates.


How much does Locksmiths Newcastle charge?

Let’s face it when you need them a locksmiths Newcastle is priceless, but that doesn’t mean that it has to cost an arm and a leg, one of our aims is to make sure that we never take advantage of our clients when there in venerable situations, which means we’ll give you a quote when you call us and that is the price you’ll pay. Feeling better?

Now some questions you can ask to help us both out;

How long will you take?

We normally aim to be with you within an hour of your call, speed and customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us, meaning well rush over as quickly as we can!

Does your locksmiths Newcastle Upon Tyne charge call out fees?

Nope, we have our locksmiths Newcastle team on call at all times, so no matter what time you call you won’t inconvenience us

How much do the parts cost? And will you need to replace them?

We use the best parts possible, however we buy parts in bulk so we can bring the saving to you and we will only replace locks where absolutely necessary which is hardly ever!

We believe in making sure that our customers are completely happy with our services so we aim to make sure that we only use the best quality materials possible.

Where are your locksmiths Newcastle Upon Tyne based?

our main base is right in the middle of Newcastle Upon Tyne meaning that our locksmiths Newcastle will be able to reach you in no time, our locksmiths Newcastle also are constantly working throughout the city so well make sure to let the our closest locksmith in Newcastle to you.


If you’ve read this far, you can be sure that we put a lot of pride into our work here at NC Local Locksmith and we aim to be the best Newcastle locksmith company of all time, so make sure you call us at 01914326745.We are also listed on so you can rest assured that we are a reliable company that you can trust